We are able to offer our clients competitive hourly rates and flat rate fees for special projects such as change of ownership or new facility and/or agency opening.

Please contact us for further rate information. 

Wells Consulting Group has the experience with the rules and procedures necessary to assist our clients in identifying timely and specific actions they should take before and after a regulatory decision is made.

The services provided to our clients include the preparation and filing of the following documents for the opening of a new facility and/or agency, change of ownership, acquisition/merger or renewal:

  • Preparation of licensure applications for facilities such as nursing homes assisted living and ICF/MR.

  • Preparation of licensure applications for agencies such as home health and hospice.

  •  Preparation of Medicaid applications including community contracting applications for nursing homes, assisted living, ICF/MR, home health, and hospice.

  • Preparation of Medicare applications such as the 855A and 855S for nursing homes, home health, and hospice.

  • Preparation of TMHP Medicaid applications.

  • Preparation of CLIA applications.


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